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Privilege Between Lawyer and Client in Nevada

Posted by mbatga on January 15, 2015 at 8:55 AM


The attorney-client privilege can be one benefit of using an attorney to work on a legal matter. The Nevada Legislature has recognized the attorney-client privilege in NRS 49.095. Once an attorney-client relationship is established, the attorney-client privilege protects the confidentiality of communications within the attorney-client relationship.

The attorney-client privilege is not recognized for the purpose of helping the legal process of pursuing truth; instead, it is recognized in order to encourage useful communications with an attorney and to encourage certain legitimate privacy interests.

Confidential communications shielded by the attorney-client privilege are privileged from compelled disclosure; a client has a privilege to refuse to disclose confidential communications within an attorney-client relationship as well as a privilege to prevent another person from disclosing them.

There are some exceptions to the attorney-client privilege. For example, one exception to the attorney-client privilege (where there is no such privilege) is contained in NRS 49.115. NRS 49.115 indicates that there is no attorney-client privilege under NRS 49.095 in a case where a client has sought to obtain a lawyer's services in order to plan or commit a fraud or crime.



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